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Doors of Darkness | Edited by Caleb J. Pecue

Doors of Darkness | Edited by Caleb J. Pecue

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Take a stroll down 
Where things lurk beneath the gardens, blind and hungry
Where a priest finds a direct line to the wrong God
Where a baby screams, hungry and alone, for the cooling corpse of her mother
Where the kitchens have teeth…
Yes, don’t be shy—go ahead and knock 
on the 

ISBN: 979-8-9889138-0-1 | 320 pages
4.25"x7" Paperback

  • An Introduction by Cameron Chaney of Library Macabre
  • "Time in My Wake" by E. P. Clement
  • "The Rabbit's Foot Inn" by Laura E. Mangi
  • "On the Dotted Line" by Caleb J. Pecue
  • "What Lies Behind the Fence" by A. L. Davidson
  • "People to Deal with Such Things" by Jackson Robinson
  • "Giving Up the Ghost" by Tobin Elliott
  • "Know Thyself" by Lennox Rex
  • "There's Something Wrong with Barbara" by Reece G. Donnell
  • "Totally Ruined the Evening" by Mallory
  • "Gilded Reflections" by Danielle Robertson
  • "The Cult from Down the Road" by Emily Holman
  • "This Could Be Your Home, You Know" by C. Mae Thomas
  • "Destroy Me" by Kaos Emslie
  • "The Red Lady" by Jason A. Jones
  • "Told You So" by Torrence Bryan
  • "Diminishing Returns" by Derek Heath
  • "The Missing Gold Ribbon" by Nadine Stewart
  • "Invert House" by Louie Sullivan
  • "Mounds" by Dr. Stuart Knott
  • "They Come When You Sleep" by Jack Finn
  • "Bump" by Billie Karras
  • "Dinner on Fern Street" by Julie Aaron
  • "Fun and Games" by Alex James Donne
  • "The Grande Dame Still Lives Here" by Sirius
  • "Old Dead-Eyed John" by Todd Condit
  • "The Friend" by Loki DeWitt
  • "The Bones of Mildred Mellows" by Jennifer Montgomery

Cover Art by Austin Hinderliter of Creepy Carves.

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