• A. L. Davidson

    A.L. Davidson (she/they) is a writer who specializes in massive space operas and tiny disturbances. She writes stories about ghosts, grief, isolation, space exploration, eco-horror, queerness, and the human condition. They live with their cat Jukebox in Kansas City. Featured in Doors of Darkness.

  • Alex James Donne

    Alex James Donne is a lifelong resident of West London, an unrepentant hoarder of books, and an occasional writer of dark fiction. His short story ‘The Things We Do for Love’ appears in the anthology The Monsters Next Door. Featured in Doors of Darkness.

  • Billie Karras

    Billie Karras grew up in the dusty Arizona desert with an ever-putrefying love of all things blood and guts and slime and sharp, rotten teeth. He spends his nights writing, his days dreaming about the 80s, and is truly a romantic at heart. That heart just happens to be green. Flyblown. And teeming with their squirmy little worm-babies. You can find Billie on Instagram via @billiekarras_author. Featured in Doors of Darkness.

  • C. Mae Thomas

    C. Mae Thomas grew up in South Bend, Indiana, where she was homeschooled with her 8 siblings. She has a B.A. from the University of Dayton and has since resided in Ireland, North Carolina, France, and California, where she now works in commercial real estate. Her love of the spooky, strange, and surreal is reflected in her debut publication “This Could be Your Home, You Know”. When she’s not writing or working, she can be found devouring sci-fi, fantasy, or horror with her cats, Spock and Bones. Featured in Doors of Darkness.

  • Caleb J. Pecue

    Caleb J. Pecue is the owner and editor for Terrorcore Publishing, which specializes in bringing back the vintage feel of the 80s. His short story, The Turning of a Card, was published in the second volume of Horrorscope, edited by Harriet Everend. Another of his short stories, One More Time for Old Time’s Sake, will be published in Gridiron Gates of Hell for charity. By day, he works at a university in Illinois, advising students; by night, he works to find short stories to publish and writes his own that he hopes to publish. 

    Featured in Doors of Darkness.

  • Danielle Robertson

    Danielle Robertson writes character-driven novels and short stories. Her work has appeared in the print anthology The 12 Days of Book-Club-Mas (Volume 4) for Once Upon a Book Club, as well as in online publications including Breadcrumbs Magazine and Storychord. She lives in New Jersey with her husband, her daughter, and her overstuffed bookshelves. Instagram: @danjvrobertsonFeatured in Doors of Darkness.

  • Derek Heath

    Derek Heath is the author of ENDLESS LIVING ORGAN MASSACRE (coming 2024 from D&T Publishing) and the OUTBACK TERROR series of books from Raven Tale. His short fiction can be found in anthologies from Eerie River, Splatter Ink Publishing, Skywatcher Press, Voices from the Mausoleum and more. Derek lives in the UK with his partner and a horde of semi-stray cats. By day, he is an accountant. (By night, he is asleep; the writing is sandwiched somewhere in the middle). Featured in Doors of Darkness.

  • E.P. Clement

    E.P. Clement began to appreciate horror when she discovered the monster in her bedroom was simply a creepy silhouette of her least favorite lamp. Though “Time in My Wake” is her first published horror story, she’s written plenty of morbid poetry over the years with topics ranging from grief and loss to memory and honesty. When not writing, E.P. Clement is yelling at the girls on her TV to stop checking out the spooky basement and flickering lights by themselves. Featured in Doors of Darkness.

  • Emily Holman

    Emily Holman, a 22-year-old autistic author, is currently a graduate student at California State University, San Marcos to obtain a Master’s degree in Literature and Writing. She writes everything from fiction to poetry, and even full-length novels, but horror and the supernatural hold a special place in her heart. Featured in Doors of Darkness.

  • Jack Finn

    Jack Finn is a folk horror and fantasy writer living in the wilds of the Pacific Northwest. He is a lifelong believer that the Tooth Fairy is proof that you can trade body parts for cold, hard cash. Jack’s published works include The Seven Deaths of Prince Vlad, Hell Shall Make You Fear Again, and The Legend of the Deer Woman. Featured in Doors of Darkness.

  • Jackson Robinson

    Jackson Robinson was born in Colorado Springs but grew up in a small, midwestern town in North Dakota. He began writing early on in life after being inspired by the works of Stephen King, Clive Barker, and Joyce Carol Oats. He has now returned to Colorado to write full-time. His work has appeared on The NoSleep Podcast, Scare Street’s Night Terrors anthologies, and more. He is currently working on a longer piece that you can look for around December 2023. Featured in Doors of Darkness.

  • Jason Jones

    Jason Jones is an industrial painter by trade and is a fan and collector of vintage horror fiction. He enjoys writing poetry with a horror flare and stories as well. He currently resides in central Indiana with his wife. Instagram: @thehorrornovelnut76Featured in Doors of Darkness.

  • Jennifer Montgomery

    Jennifer Montgomery is a poet and author from Cedar Hill, Missouri. Influenced heavily by her mother, also a poet, and her father, a writer of horror poetry and fiction, Jennifer worked with her father on his small press Sci-Fi/Horror magazine in the early 1990s. She’s had several pieces of dark poetry published, as well as flash fiction and short stories. Jennifer is currently working on her first gothic horror novel, as well as two other full-length literary projects. Featured in Doors of Darkness.

  • Julie Aaron

    Voracious reader and wannabe poet Julie Aaron resides in Houston Texas with her loving wife and their rowdy German Shepard. Writing when she can, this is her first published work. Thank you to all who devour it. Featured in Doors of Darkness.

  • Kaos Emslie

    Kaos Emslie lives in Southern Arizona with her two children and a growing number of cats. They are surrounded by pens, paper, and books constantly. They love all things horror and gore, gothic and spooky. They are never far from a caffeinated beverage. Their current long-term project is a horror series based on their experiences with mental illness. Featured in Doors of Darkness.

  • Laura Mangi 

    Laura Mangi is a lifelong reader and lover of books. In addition to reading and writing, she also does photography. She is looking forward to writing more and getting published and finally getting a golden retriever. Featured in Doors of Darkness.

  • Lennox Rex

    Lennox Rex, an Oregonian raised in sunny San Diego, wrote his first story in second grade and just never stopped. When he’s not reading or writing, he’s collecting interesting facts and generally being a random geek. To him, life is best lived with music, body mods, and plenty of coffee and sweets. He lives with his husband and their three children. Featured in Doors of Darkness.

  • Loki DeWitt

    Loki DeWitt has lived in a number of different places but currently lives in Arkansas. He has loved horror since a very young age when he was introduced to the genre by watching a number of 80s horror movies with his dad (Despite his mom’s protests). Years later he began writing in the dreaded land of fan fiction. While his stories were not original, they let him sharpen his skills for the days ahead when he would tell his own stories. Now an adult, Loki retains his overactive imagination and takes great pleasure in unleashing it on readers. Featured in Doors of Darkness.

  • Louie Sullivan

    Louie Sullivan is thankful to have never come face to face with the Outside, though there’s still plenty of time for it to get him. He is a graduate of Fordham University and Saint Peter’s University, reads about a hundred books a year, and goes to the movies as often as humanly possible. You can also find his work in issue 62 of The Sirens Call. Instagram: @howdoyoulouFeatured in Doors of Darkness.

  • Mallory

    Mallory is a writer and cartoonist who lives near Los Angeles, California. Their previous work includes the novels “The President’s Head Is Missing!” and “But It’s for Charity!,” the graphic novel “Egg Behavior,” and a whole mess of short stories published by Ahoy Comics. Yes, their professional pseudonym is just the one name on its own, like Madonna or Cher. Featured in Doors of Darkness.

  • Nadine Stewart 

    Nadine Stewart made her author debut this year in Horrorscope: A Zodiac Anthology. Since then she has had pieces published in the spring 2023 edition of Sirens Call, and the July anthology release Flashes of Nightmare. Her story “Shattered Reflections” is featured in Voices From the Mausoleum’s That Old House - Bathroom Anthology. Born into a creative family of artists and raised in beautiful British Columbia, Canada she now resides in Washington state. Follow her on Instagram @nadine.stewart.authorFeatured in Doors of Darkness.

  • Reece G. Donnell

    Reece G. Donnell is currently a journalist for the world famous Scream Magazine. The Northern Irish lad studied film, English Literature and Drama However, his lifelong dream has to gain publication creatively. After selling over 40 pieces to various media outlets, it is hoped that What’s Wrong With Barbara will be a creative breakthrough. Instagram: @that_horror_nerdFeatured in Doors of Darkness.

  • Sirius

    Cyrus Spears, who adopts the pen name Sirius for writing endeavors, identifies as a queer, nonbinary, and disabled author situated in North Carolina. Being a part of the Horror Writer’s Association, Cyrus has penned a gothic horror novel titled “Swallow You Whole,” set for publication in September 2023 through Curious Corvid Publishing, along with additional works in the pipeline. Notably, Cyrus’s collection of dark speculative short stories has been featured in publications such as The Magpie Messenger, The Spectre Review, and the Siren’s Call eZine, with more forthcoming contributions anticipated. Instagram: @palestarsiriusFeatured in Doors of Darkness.

  • Dr. Stuart Knott

    A lifelong fan of videogames, comic books, and horror, action, and science-fiction films, Dr. Stuart Knott writes horror fiction with the intent on infusing the mundane nature of everyday life with dark comedy and macabre events. Featured in Doors of Darkness.

  • Tobin Elliott

    Tobin Elliott writes ugly stories about bad people doing horrible things. To prove this, he’s published a six-book horror series called The Aphotic that includes Lovecraftian demons, werewolves, and vampires, but the worst monsters are the humans. Tobin has several novels, novellas, and short stories published. And you can find him at all the usual social media haunts. Featured in Doors of Darkness.

  • Todd Condit

    Todd Condit is an avid family man that loves to grill every type of food imaginable for his wife and kids. Rain, shine, or snow you can find Todd flipping burgers behind the grill. As a lifelong horror fan, he is always eager to write, read, watch, or talk horror! So if you’re the type that wears a horror shirt to the store, dont be surprised when he comes out of nowhere to strike up conversation about the movie. Featured in Doors of Darkness.

  • Torrence Bryan

    Torrence Bryan loves control. She loves to control lives, to control stories, and most importantly of all, to control your emotions. Her stories will make you think, and leave you wondering exactly what goes on inside her twisted little head. When she isn’t writing dark tales, she writes romance about rainbows and butterflies. Featured in Doors of Darkness.