• Caleb J. Pecue, Editor

    Caleb J. Pecue is the owner and editor for Terrorcore Publishing, which specializes in bringing back the vintage feel of the 80s. His short story, The Turning of a Card, was published in the second volume of Horrorscope, edited by Harriet Everend. Another of his short stories, One More Time for Old Time’s Sake, was published in Gridiron Gates of Hell for charity. He has a story called Dollusions, published by House of the Macabre in Curbside Curses by Nadine Stewart. By day, he works at a university in Illinois, advising students; by night, he works to find short stories to publish and writes his own that he hopes to publish. 

  • A. L. Davidson

    A.L. Davidson (she/they) is a writer who specializes in massive space operas and tiny disturbances. She writes stories about ghosts, grief, isolation, space exploration, eco-horror, queerness, and the human condition. They live with their cat Jukebox in Kansas City.

    Featured In: Doors of Darkness
  • Alex Crandall

    Alex Crandall is a parasitic brain slug from the planet Gorpulox-5, currently inhabiting a civil engineer in Indianapolis. Alex enjoys typical human activities, such as consuming sustenance for survival and discussing recent meteorological phenomena. He would be very appreciative if you could point him in the direction of your leader.

    Featured In: Doors of Darkness II: Trick or Treat
  • Alex James Donne

    Alex James Donne is a lifelong resident of West London, an unrepentant hoarder of books, and an occasional writer of dark fiction. His short story ‘The Things We Do for Love’ appears in the anthology The Monsters Next Door. 

    Featured In: Doors of Darkness
  • Billie Karras

    Billie Karras grew up in the dusty Arizona desert with an ever-putrefying love of all things blood and guts and slime and sharp, rotten teeth. He spends his nights writing, his days dreaming about the 80s, and is truly a romantic at heart. That heart just happens to be green. Flyblown. And teeming with their squirmy little worm-babies.

  • Brady Acevedo

    Brad Acevedo writes from the gator-infested shores of Gulf Coast Florida. He also performs creative work for a 501C3 non-profit haunted attraction, co-writing stories on the attraction's lore with his wife. When not writing, he can be found studying local legends, documenting travelogues of the area and curating his own absurd collection of pop culture figurines. He has been previously featured in works from Quill and Crow Publishing, Jazz House Publishing and Voices From the Mausoleum as well as the E-Zine, The Crow's Quill.

    Featured In: Doors of Darkness II: Trick or Treat
  • Brady Tiel

    Brady Tiel hails from small town Canada where he writes feverishly about the odd things humans might achieve if they push discovery, innovation, and their ego one step too far. Tiel writes science fiction and horror.Tiel has looked to other greats such as Michael Crichton and Alastair Reynolds for inspiration in his writing. The weirder the better!

    Featured In: Doors of Darkness II: Trick or Treat
  • C. Mae Thomas 

    C. Mae Thomas grew up in South Bend, Indiana, where she was homeschooled with her 8 siblings. She has a B.A. from the University of Dayton and has since resided in Ireland, North Carolina, France, and California, where she now works in commercial real estate. Her love of the spooky, strange, and surreal is reflected in her debut publication “This Could be Your Home, You Know”. When she’s not writing or working, she can be found devouring sci-fi, fantasy, or horror with her cats, Spock and Bones.

    Featured In: Doors of Darkness
  • Christopher Robertson

    Christopher Robertson writes cinematic pulp fiction that's often described as both wholesome and gruesome, sometimes in the same sentence. He won both the Gold award for Best Novel and Silver for Best Audiobook at the 2023 Godless 666 Awards.

  • Danielle Robertson

    Danielle Robertson writes character-driven novels and short stories. Her work has appeared in the print anthology The 12 Days of Book-Club-Mas (Volume 4) for Once Upon a Book Club, as well as in online publications including Breadcrumbs Magazine and Storychord. She lives in New Jersey with her husband, her children, and her overstuffed bookshelves.

    Featured In: Doors of Darkness
  • David E. Kruegger

    David E. Kruegger writes Horror fiction about the Upper Midwest. He lives in Minneapolis with his wife adn their collection of RPGs and cookbooks. You can see his house when you land at the airport, if you know where to look. Follow him on Substack to see what he's up to and to read exclusive essays and short fiction.

    Featured In: Doors of Darkness II: Trick or Treat
  • Derek Heath 

    Derek Heath is the author of ENDLESS LIVING ORGAN MASSACRE (coming 2024 from D&T Publishing) and the OUTBACK TERROR series of books from Raven Tale. His short fiction can be found in anthologies from Eerie River, Splatter Ink Publishing, Skywatcher Press, Voices from the Mausoleum and more. Derek lives in the UK with his partner and a horde of semi-stray cats. By day, he is an accountant. (By night, he is asleep; the writing is sandwiched somewhere in the middle).

    Featured In: Doors of Darkness
  • Don Tucker

    Don Tucker is a high school teacher from Massachusetts whose work has previously been featured in The Daily Horrors, the newest issue published by Two-Headed Press. His father, much to the dismay of his mother, let him watch The Shining when he was eight years old. After not sleeping for weeks, he has been an avid fan of anything horror ever since. He is currently working on a novel and a short story collection.

    Featured In: Doors of Darkness II: Trick or Treat
  • E.P. Clement

    E.P. Clement began to appreciate horror when she discovered the monster in her bedroom was simply a creepy silhouette of her least favorite lamp. Though “Time in My Wake” is her first published horror story, she’s written plenty of morbid poetry over the years with topics ranging from grief and loss to memory and honesty. When not writing, E.P. Clement is yelling at the girls on her TV to stop checking out the spooky basement and flickering lights by themselves. 

    Featured In: Doors of Darkness
  • Elizabeth Tuttle

    Elisabeth Tuttle is a lifelong fan of all things horrific and fantastic with a soft spot for nameless terrors and escapism. When she's not haunting the streets of Boston, you can find her gaming, screaming at metal shows, or dreaming up fun new ways to desecrate human flesh. Her contribution to Doors of Darkness II is her first first published work, and she has plenty of ideas to continue making people feel just a little nauseous in the future.

    Featured In: Doors of Darkness
  • Emily Holman

    Emily Holman, a 22-year-old autistic author, is currently a graduate student at California State University, San Marcos to obtain a Master’s degree in Literature and Writing. She writes everything from fiction to poetry, and even full-length novels, but horror and the supernatural hold a special place in her heart.

    Featured In: Doors of Darkness
  • Jack Finn

    Jack Finn is a folk horror and fantasy writer living in the wilds of the Pacific Northwest. He is a lifelong believer that the Tooth Fairy is proof that you can trade body parts for cold, hard cash. Jack’s published works include The Seven Deaths of Prince Vlad, Hell Shall Make You Fear Again, and The Legend of the Deer Woman.

    Featured In: Doors of Darkness
  • Jackson Robinson

    Jackson Robinson was born in Colorado Springs but grew up in a small, midwestern town in North Dakota. He began writing early on in life after being inspired by the works of Stephen King, Clive Barker, and Joyce Carol Oats. He has now returned to Colorado to write full-time. His work has appeared on The NoSleep Podcast, Scare Street’s Night Terrors anthologies, and more. He is currently working on a longer piece that you can look for around December 2023. 

    Featured In: Doors of Darkness
  • Jane Nightshade

    A native Californian, Jane Nightshade is a former corporate communications specialist turned horror writer. Her fiction has appeared in numerous anthologies and magazines, and has been dramatized by NoSleep Podcast and Octoberpod. She is the author or editor of four published story collections: The Drowning Game, independently published in digital form on Amazon; A Scream Full of Ghosts, from Dark Ink Publishing; Jane Nightshade’s Serial Encounters from HellBound Books; and the upcoming Ghosts Never Leave from Unveiling Nightmares Publishing. Her non-
    fiction writing has been published by several major horror sites.

    Featured In: Doors of Darkness II: Trick or Treat
  • Jason A. Jones

    Jason Jones is an industrial painter by trade and is a fan and collector of vintage horror fiction. He enjoys writing poetry with a horror flare and stories as well. He currently resides in central Indiana with his wife.

  • Jennifer Montgomery

    Jennifer Montgomery is a poet and author from Cedar Hill, Missouri. Influenced heavily by her mother, also a poet, and her father, a writer of horror poetry and fiction, Jennifer worked with her father on his small press Sci-Fi/Horror magazine in the early 1990s. She’s had several pieces of dark poetry published, as well as flash fiction and short stories. Jennifer is currently working on her first gothic horror novel, as well as two other full-length literary projects.

    Featured In: Doors of Darkness
  • John FreelyKirk

    John FreelyKirk is a writer, actor and filmmaker from Albuquerque, New Mexico. Growing up reading the Goosebumps series by R.L. Stine, led to a complete fascination with the horror genre. Over the past few years, he has used his love for the genre to write and direct several award winning short films including Happy Anniversary, It Lurks in the Shadows and The Starlight Motel. Although new to creative writing, he deeply enjoys the medium and looks foward to writing more in the near future.

    Featured In: Doors of Darkness II: Trick or Treat
  • Julie Aaron

    Voracious reader and wannabe poet Julie Aaron resides in Houston Texas with her loving wife and their rowdy German Shepard. Writing when she can, this is her first published work. Thank you to all who devour it. 

    Featured In: Doors of Darkness
  • Kaos Emslie

    Kaos Emslie lives in Southern Arizona with her two children and a growing number of cats. They are surrounded by pens, paper, and books constantly. They love all things horror and gore, gothic and spooky. They are never far from a caffeinated beverage. Their current long-term project is a horror series based on their experiences with mental illness.

    Featured In: Doors of Darkness
  • Kevin Higgins

    Kevin Higgins lives in New Jersey, where he enjoys hanging out with his wife and daughter, listening to punk rock and watching reruns of King of Queens. A video producer by trade, Kevin picked up writing in his 30s, focusing on horror and thriller short fiction. His story Last Burn of the Day was recently published by Undertaker Books. His favorite author is Richard Chizmar.

    Featured In: Doors of Darkness II: Trick or Treat
  • Kimberly Pinzon

    Kim escaped from New York to the beautiful and terrifying world of Appalachia with her partner and two dogs. When not struggling to write, she likes to get lost in the woods (literally, not figuratively, it's embarrassing at this point), watches RuPaul's Drag Race, and tries not to kill all of the plants in the garden. Kim's first book, Final Girl Redux, is a relaxed exploration of the role of the Final Girl throughout the history of the horror movie. She's also written a YA science-fiction novel involving alternate worlds, Through the Mirror, and her collection of horror short stories, Creeping Shadows.

    Featured In: Doors of Darkness II: Trick or Treat
  • Laura Mangi

    Laura Mangi is a lifelong reader and lover of books. In addition to reading and writing, she also does photography. She is looking forward to writing more and getting published and finally getting a golden retriever. 

    Featured In: Doors of Darkness
  • Lennox Rex

    Lennox Rex, an Oregonian raised in sunny San Diego, wrote his first story in second grade and just never stopped. When he’s not reading or writing, he’s collecting interesting facts and generally being a random geek. To him, life is best lived with music, body mods, and plenty of coffee and sweets. He lives with his husband and their three children. 

  • Loki DeWitt 

    Loki DeWitt has lived in a number of different places but currently lives in Arkansas. He has loved horror since a very young age when he was introduced to the genre by watching a number of 80s horror movies with his dad (Despite his mom’s protests). Years later he began writing in the dreaded land of fan fiction. While his stories were not original, they let him sharpen his skills for the days ahead when he would tell his own stories. Now an adult, Loki retains his overactive imagination and takes great pleasure in unleashing it on readers. 

    Featured In: Doors of Darkness
  • Louie Sullivan

    Louie Sullivan is thankful to have never come face to face with the Outside, though there’s still plenty of time for it to get him. He is a graduate of Fordham University and Saint Peter’s University, reads about a hundred books a year, and goes to the movies as often as humanly possible. You can also find his work in issue 62 of The Sirens Call.

  • Mallory 

    Mallory is a writer and cartoonist who lives near Los Angeles, California. Their previous work includes the novels “The President’s Head Is Missing!” and “But It’s for Charity!,” the graphic novel “Egg Behavior,” and a whole mess of short stories published by Ahoy Comics. Yes, their professional pseudonym is just the one name on its own, like Madonna or Cher.

    Featured In: Doors of Darkness
  • Matt Hickey

    Matt Hickey is a writer and musician living in Texas with his wife Jes and their dog Hoagie. He's been self-publishing comics, dream diaries, and music as long as he can remember. Besides writing he spends his days as a music specialist working with children in underserved communities in Houston.

    Featured In: Doors of Darkness II: Trick or Treat
  • Nadine Stewart

    Nadine Stewart made her author debut this year in Horrorscope: A Zodiac Anthology. Since then she has had pieces published in the spring 2023 edition of Sirens Call, and the July anthology release Flashes of Nightmare. Her story “Shattered Reflections” is featured in Voices From the Mausoleum’s That Old House - Bathroom Anthology. Born into a creative family of artists and raised in beautiful British Columbia, Canada she now resides in Washington state.

  • Nick Krenn

    When he first started writing stories, Nick Krenn's immediate impulse was to make them scary. He loved horror in all its forms of entertainment. Growing up in the '80s with plenty of horror on TV, he was enamored by slashers, haunted houses, demons, and critters. Then, in the '90s, he found inspiration from the young adult horror titans, R.L. Stine and Christopher Pike, and wanted to follow in their footsteps one day. Now, he's happily married with a young son and many indoor pets and finally starting to live his dream of giving you nightmares.

    Featured In: Doors of Darkness II: Trick or Treat
  • Paul Londardo

    I am a freelance writer and author with numerous titles of both fiction and nonfiction books. I've placed short stories and nonfiction articles in various genre magazines and ezines. I am a contributing writer for Tales from the Moonlit Path and an active HWA member.

    Featured In: Doors of Darkness II: Trick or Treat
  • Reece G. Donnell

    Reece G. Donnell is currently a journalist for the world famous Scream Magazine. The Northern Irish lad studied film, English Literature and Drama However, his lifelong dream has to gain publication creatively. After selling over 40 pieces to various media outlets, it is hoped that What’s Wrong With Barbara will be a creative breakthrough.

  • Ryan Peña

    Ryan Pena is the owner of Bad Soul Records, A punk rock and roll musician, filmmaker, writer, radio show host, director, producer, exterminator, US Army veteran, and most importantly a husband and father.

    Featured In: Doors of Darkness II: Trick or Treat
  • Scott McGregor

    Scott McGregor is a Canadian writer based in Calgary. He graduated from Mount Royal University with degrees in English (Hons) and Sociology with a background in Creative Writing. He is the author of over 100 short stories. His fiction has appeared in various anthologies by Hellbound Books, Oddity Prodigy Productions, Crystal Lake Publishing, Eerie River Publishing, DBND Publishing, Bag of Bones Press, and many others. In 2022, he released his debut novella "Mr. Hangman" under Black Hare Press, which is a homage to detective thrillers. Scott is also the Chief Editor for January Embers Press and curated the "Writer's Retreat: Tales of Writing and Madness" anthology alongside Harriett Everend. Caffeine, board games, and movies are some of his several addictions. Sarcastically appealing and unapologetic, Scott is either drinking tea or sassing the ones he deems friends in the off time he isn’t living and breathing stories.

    Featured In: Doors of Darkness II: Trick or Treat
  • Sirius

    Cyrus Spears, who adopts the pen name Sirius for writing endeavors, identifies as a queer, nonbinary, and disabled author situated in North Carolina. Being a part of the Horror Writer’s Association, Cyrus has penned a gothic horror novel titled “Swallow You Whole,” set for publication in September 2023 through Curious Corvid Publishing, along with additional works in the pipeline. Notably, Cyrus’s collection of dark speculative short stories has been featured in publications such as The Magpie Messenger, The Spectre Review, and the Siren’s Call eZine, with more forthcoming contributions anticipated.

    Featured In: Doors of Darkness
  • Dr. Stuart Knott

    A lifelong fan of videogames, comic books, and horror, action, and science-fiction films, Dr. Stuart Knott writes horror fiction with the intent on infusing the mundane nature of everyday life with dark comedy and macabre events. 

    Featured In: Doors of Darkness
  • Tobin Elliott

    Tobin Elliott writes ugly stories about bad people doing horrible things. To prove this, he’s published a six-book horror series called The Aphotic that includes Lovecraftian demons, werewolves, and vampires, but the worst monsters are the humans. Tobin has several novels, novellas, and short stories published. And you can find him at all the usual social media haunts.

    Featured In: Doors of Darkness
  • Todd Condit

    Todd Condit is an avid family man that loves to grill every type of food imaginable for his wife and kids. Rain, shine, or snow you can find Todd flipping burgers behind the grill. As a lifelong horror fan, he is always eager to write, read, watch, or talk horror! So if you’re the type that wears a horror shirt to the store, don't be surprised when he comes out of nowhere to strike up conversation about the movie.

  • Torrence Bryan

    Torrence Bryan loves control. She loves to control lives, to control stories, and most importantly of all, to control your emotions. Her stories will make you think, and leave you wondering exactly what goes on inside her twisted little head. When she isn’t writing dark tales, she writes romance about rainbows and butterflies. 

    Featured In: Doors of Darkness
  • Tucker Joneson

    Tucker Joneson is a writer, artist, and filmmaker. He published the illustrated children's book, The Soldier Bear. He has also created several animated short films including, Hide & Shriek, Hero, and Pinhead, which have been selected and awarded in film festivals. He is currently working on publishing his own anthology books in the future. He currently lives outside of Knoxville, Tennessee.

    Featured In: Doors of Darkness II: Trick or Treat
  • Vanessa Leonardo

    Vanessa Leonardo is a horror writer from Staten Island, New York with an MFA in Creative Writing from the New School. She currently lives with her wife in New Jersey. The writers that have most influenced her were those she read as a young teen such as R.L. Stine, Stephen King, and V.C. Andrews. She loves anything spooky, scary or paranormal.

    Featured In: Doors of Darkness II: Trick or Treat