Preorder for Doors of Darkness Live Tonight

Preorder for Doors of Darkness Live Tonight

Tonight at midnight (October 1st, 12AM CDT) we will be opening up the preorders for Doors of Darkness. During this preorder period, we will be giving away a free bookmark for each copy of the book purchased. In addition, each customer will be entered to win one large Terrorcore Publishing zip-up hoodie, which is not available anywhere else at the moment. 

We will be giving away two of these. Once the preorder books have arrived, the winners will be selected and the items will be shipped together. 

At this time, sadly, we are only offering the preorder to those that live in the United States. We hope to allow people from other countries an opportunity at future giveaways; however, international shipping and taxes prevent this at the moment. The Doors of Darkness paperback will be available worldwide on other retailers' websites, such as Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc. 

Additionally, the bookmarks will be available for free; however, if you want more than one, we will be releasing those individually on the website soon. They will be available for around $2 per bookmark and shipping should be minimal if that is all you're ordering as we can likely ship those in an envelope. As Terrorcore Publishing grows, we hope to be able to do more bundle deals! 

Sign up for the email notifications in order to get early access to release items. Tonight, those that have already signed up will receive a password (check your email and spam folders) to get into the store two hours earlier than when the general public can. Additionally, in the future, subscribers are going to receive special discounts/coupons that others will not have access to. 

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