Doors of Darkness II: Trick or Treat Selected

Doors of Darkness II: Trick or Treat Selected

Today the selected authors for Doors of Darkness II: Trick or Treat were notified that their stories will appear in the upcoming anthology, slated for release on October 1st, 2024. As per usual, our graphic designer, @creepycarvesdesign, outdid himself on the graphic. I must confess that I enjoy seeing all those popping up on Instagram. 

It is always difficult to let people know that they did not make it into the anthology. This time around, one main issue cropped up: due to the fact that all the stories are centered around the theme of Halloween/Trick or Treating, many of the stories ended up having so many similarities that it would be repetitive to accept them all. Therefore, we collected what we feel are the best stories that cover a wide variety of topics and tones. 

Below are the selected authors and the title of their short stories:

  • 1 Pike St | "Ghastly Neighbor" by Caleb J. Pecue
  • 2 Pike St | "A Disappointing Harvest" by Elisabeth Tuttle
  • 3 Pike St | "Wanna Trade?" by Louie Sullivan
  • 4 Pike St | "Candy Inside" by Nick Krenn
  • 5 Pike St | "Invasion of the Bag Snatchers" by Ryan Peña
  • 6 Pike St | "The Bowl on the Stoop" by Kevin Higgins
  • 7 Pike St | "House Lights" by David E. Kruegger
  • 8 Pike St | "triktreat.exe" by Christopher Robertson
  • 9 Pike St | "Take One" by Alex Crandall
  • 10 Pike St | "Appointed Guardian" by Lennox Rex
  • 11 Pike St | "The Scent of Halloween" by Brady Tiel
  • 12 Pike St | "Deconstructing Arthur" by Vanessa Leonardo
  • 13 Pike St | "Chilling, Thrilling Sounds" by Matt Hickey
  • 14 Pike St | "Blood in the Dark" by Tucker Joneson
  • 15 Pike St | "Mother" by Kimberly Pinzon
  • 16 Pike St | "Tunnel Rat" by John FreelyKirk
  • 17 Pike St | "Echoes of Terror" by Nadine Stewart
  • 18 Pike St | "Old Man Jacobs and the Kitchen Cabinet" by Jason A. Jones
  • 19 Pike St | "Mommy is That You?" by Don Tucker
  • 20 Pike St | "Roger and the Ghost" by Paul Lonardo
  • 21 Pike St | "Things That Grow in the Dark" by Austin Hinderliter
  • 22 Pike St | "The Candy Snatchers" by Reece G. Donnell
  • 23 Pike St | "Tricks" by Billie Karras
  • 24 Pike St | "Mischief Night" by Brad Acevedo
  • 25 Pike St | "Miss Shaw's Special Boy" by Todd Condit
  • 26 Pike St | "The Sorting" by Jane Nightshade
  • 27 Pike St | "Final Halloween" by Scott McGregor

Stay tuned for more information about these authors and the synopses for their stories. 

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